Do you need to submit birthdays, community events, reports, anything you’d like to have reviewed and posted to the website (and possibly played on the air). Find your form here and submit.

If you would like to add an event directly to our community calendar, please go to the community calendar and select Add Event at the top-right of the calendar.

Please enter the name as you would like to have it appear on the website and read on the air. You may want to omit last name or use a nickname if preferred.
Is the birthday today or soon? Let us know so we can give our congratulations on the correct day.
Would you like to add a location? Not required.
So we know who is submitting the birthday. This will not be published.
This will not be published. This is to confirm that your request was received.
This is where you would put any special message you would like to give to the birthday recipient. If you want to include names (eg. Love Mom & Dad) this is where you would put it. Special messages may be truncated on air, but will publish in full on our website.

Add a photo, the photo will be displayed on our website. This is not required. (jpg,gif,png,bmp allowed)