Battle of the Stations Winner!

On Saturday, May 3rd we all went down to Corbin Motorsports to battle it out with the finalists from our sister station T-107.3 FM. There were 48 contestants, 24 in KD Country blue, 24 in T-107 red, only one could win.


Each team had to compete with each other until the very end, when one KD Country finalist and one T-107 finalist went head to head (with stockings on their head no less) for the claim to the Polaris Ranger 570 side-by-side from Corbin Motorsports. After a brief demonstration by our very own Derek Eubanks and Dave Dean the game commenced. With the T-107 contestant coming out victorious at the end.

We would like to thank all of our contestants for spending the day with us and winning some other awesome prizes from our sponsors. We want to thank all of our sponsors that make these giveaways possible and enjoyable for everyone!


Congratulations Sonya Mitchell! You might be the “other” team, but we’re still happy that you’re driving away in the Polaris Ranger 570!



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