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First Annual Halloween Spooktacular 2018 |

First Annual


The First Halloween Spook-tacular!

  It was a family affray full of laughs, frights, and just plain delights at the Innaugural Spooktacular Event Halloween Costume Contest on Saturday.  An interest in liquid laytrex inspired Kaitlyn Givens’ big sister, to create the creepy look that won Kaitlyn the Scariest kid award on Saturday as an evil voodoo doll, an annual obsession with Donald Trump materialized this year in the form of Blake Jenkins’ silliest kid winner as the leader of the free world underdressed but oversized in his inflatable diapered, clubbed wielding ensemble, (last year, according to his mom Jenny Jenkins, the Donald was an Ostrich), the most creative kid was Camden King as he used his wheels to his advantage as Mario Cart. Adult winners were Gilbert Collings as Jason Voorhies, Donald Davis- in a handmade Mummy motif, and Shelby Pennington as Mother Nature. Stay tuned all day for other honorable mentions at our lunchtime and afternoon broadcasts.

   A little gloomy weather didn’t scare some of the area’s cutest and most creative kids this weekend at the Spooktacular Costume Contest. With appearnces from Mother Nature, Jason Voorhies, and a Mummy; along with a voodoo doll, Mario, and our commander in chief…in briefs, I might add; Also taking time out of their busy schedules were the Tooth Fairy and a turtle, otherwise known as Raaylen and Ansley Lester. The imaginative sisters had the Spooktacular event on their calendar come rain or shine, according to their mom, Jessica, who said they wouldn’t miss the Spooktacular for anything. “They’ve been talking about it for weeks!” Also in attendance were Draven Davis as a gladiator, Lance Barton as Chucky, and Scarlett Stansbury with a nod to Jack Skellington.

  What do a youthful spirit, liquid latex, Donald Trump, missing teeth, and a trip to Las Vegas have in common? No, it’s not the plot of the best story you can’t remember, each is an inspiration for this year’s Spooktacular Halloween Contest! See if you can identify which spurred  your favorite costume on our newly revamped website.


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