We are 99.5 KD Country. This is our crew.


Matt Miller is a hometown boy who heard his calling to be a DJ at the age of 8. He has worked with T107 and KD Country for over 10 years, but says his best job is being a dad.


Katrina Henry Radio DJ/Promotions Director. Mother of 3, and has a true love for music. "Every song ends, but that's no reason not to enjoy the music."- One Tree Hill. What's the song of your happiest day?


Camille Cole has worked as an educator, writer, and public speaker since 2008, and has always had an interest in the creative and performing arts...but in the words of Johnny Carson, "People will pay more to be entertained than educated." So, heeeeeere's Camille (hoping to do a little of both)!


Announcer, A/V editor, voice artist. Caver, paddler, mountain biker, diver, traveler, nature lover. Thor is the Announcer, Audio Producer, and a Voice Artist at T-107 WCTT our sister station.

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